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Building Confidence

Sign & Play (suitable for age 0-3yrs)


Jittabugs classes consist of a range of sign & sensory activities suitable for 0-3 year olds.

 We explore the baby’s senses including touch, sight, sound and smell. We work with a wide range of equipment including bubbles, mirrors, scarves, feathers, play parachutes, balls, fabrics, textured toys, puppets, musical instruments, soft play, books and many more.

The classes are designed to be stimulating, yet low key and gentle to avoid over stimulation.

We learn about bonding through touch and play. We encourage eye to eye contact and facial communication.  From smiling at baby to mirroring baby’s expressions, these activities can become fun in a class environment!

Babies have a desire to communicate to their carers.  Whether it be "I'm thirsty" or "I'm hungry" they try to communicate with us every day.  Their frustration of not being able to vocalise their needs is one of the main triggers for temper tantrum’s as they get older. 

Baby Signing taps in to a baby’s natural hand eye coordination skills to teach them how to "sign" their needs. 

Babies already sign as they get older, think of how they put their arms up when they want to be picked up.  Baby Sign teaches babies and carers more signs they can use on an everyday basis.

Baby Sign has been proven to work again and again and you always say the word as you sign so that you don’t hold speech back.  We will teach you a mixture of silly signs like "worm" and more useful signs like "milk".

 We sing songs whilst we sign to make them easy and fun to remember.

All of our tutors who offer this program have done a Makaton course. (A Beginner or a Foundation course), they are also members of The Makaton Friendly Scheme.