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Messy Bugs

Craft and Messy Play programme Messy Bugs is a craft and messy play class with a difference.


All children love to messy play but not all adults want children to messy play at home, and who can blame them. This is where we come in!!! Messyplay has many benefits to children's cognitive and creative development. At home we are always saying "Don't make a mess" but at JittaBugs we are saying "Let's get Messy".

It is a wonderful way for children to learn, explore and develop using all of their senses. At Messy Bugs we sing our JittaBugs Hello song and then we have organized craft. Each week we make, paint, colour, build something different with the help of mummy/daddy/carer of course. Whilst waiting for our items to dry we can then explore with messy play with aprons supplied.

Sand play – toys, buckets, spades, shapes, pipes Water play – toys, pipes, guttering, funnels Cornflour – exploring how when mixed with the water initially the cornflour is hard and then it drips through your fingers!!! A strange sensation. Pasta – Wet and dry Hand and Foot prints And much much more. Some tutors may offer story time, using our crafts that we have just made.

We finish the class with our Jittabugs Goodbye song and then we encourage tidy up time, another important skill for children to have. We hope this sounds as exciting to you as it does to us and we hope to see you there.

"Come and join me and get messy"




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