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Building Confidence

Yoga In Schools (5-11 years) 

Children encounter emotional, social and physical challenges or conflicts more often than we, as adults, realise. Introducing yoga in schools can boost self esteem and self respect, and promote good mental health and emotional well-being offering children healthy ways to express themselves. 

Our Yoga programme consists of fun yoga games and themes, whilst learning breathing techniques, behavioural guidelines, physical 

postures, meditations and relaxations. 

Benefits to Yoga in Schools: 

• Physically enhances strength, flexibility, co-ordination and body awareness 

• Develops focus and concentration and relaxation promoting a sense of calmness 

  • Improves speaking and listening skills, social skills and self concept 

  • It’s non-competitive 

As well as covering various aspects of the National Curriculum in P.E, for EYFS and up to Key Stage 3, such as developing balance, agility and co-ordination, improving on flexibility, strength, technique control and balance and demonstrating improvement to achieve personal goals. This program is currently run by Kelly at Jittabugs Tyne & Wear.