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Fitness Bugs


Fitness Bugs is a class for ages 3-5yrs / 5-11years. It is a combination of movement, dance -fitness , physically active games with the use of balls, cones, nets and more. The benefits of physical activity are stronger bones and muscles. The sessions help promote healthy living.

Jittabugs offers effective but fun sessions for children. Our sessions will incorporate movement to develop balance, body and spatial awareness, coordination and build confidence. 
We also encourage team work and social interaction. 
Team games can boost children’s self esteem and help them learn how to work with other children and adults.

These sessions help promote healthy living but most importantly these sessions are fun and effective.


So don’t sit at home, come and get the Fitness Bug!!


This is a great program for after school clubs/ holiday clubs and parties.

All tutors offering this program for ages 6years plus are qualified in Level 2 Fitness for Children.


Healthy Bugs

Jittabugs_Healthy_Bugs_0616-15.jpgA new exciting program coming to Tyne & Wear with Kelly