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Jittabugs Areas in The North East For Sale

Posted by  caroline  May 29, 2017

Areas For Sale

A fantastic opportunity has arisen, Jittabugs Durham, Bishops Auckland, Newton Aycliffe,  Tyne Valley and Hexham & Tynedale.

To receive an information pack on joining our team, please email caroline@jittabugs.com.

What Do You Get?

Exclusive territory
Initial and ongoing training
Training in Makaton Sign (if choosing the signing programme) Massage or yoga training (if choosing those programmes)
An operations manual
Marketing training
The protection of a franchise agreement
Use of the Jittabugs logos and blueprint
A support forum- Jittabugs Tutor Network (JTN)
Dedicated support from Head Of ce
Jittabugs music
Portable music system
Handbook for certain programs in PDF format
A term’s supply of lesson plans, with more upon request DBS/CRB enhanced check included
Program equipment
Guidance on advertising and promoting your business Classes advertised as part of national advertising
Jittabugs uniform supplied – 2 T-shirts & 1 hooded sweatshirt A Jittabugs Business page on Facebook & Twitter
First Aid Training
A Music Licence
Your own Jittabugs e-mail address
Your own page and contact form on the website
Somebody available to discuss any queries from
Monday to Saturday, 8am-10pm 

You also get a Jittabugs Business Start Up Pack:

The Jittabugs business start-up pack includes: 


Class stickers

Business cards

6ft vertical banner

Horizontal Banner

A demonstration doll and Makaton Sign Books for selected programmes are also available at an additional cost 

In order to run a Jittabugs franchise you do not require any formal qualifications:

Jittabugs give you all the training you will need to run a successful business. You will require the essential skills of self- motivation, enthusiasm, good organisational skills and a passion for working with children.

You will receive ongoing support via Head Of ce, who will be there every step of the way to help your business grow, along with the further support of the Jittabugs Tutor Network (JTN).

The two main bene ts of being a tutor with Jittabugs are:

  • You will be using a proven business model with

    the full support of a growing network

  • You will own your own business, where you can

    choose your working hours

In starting your business, it is also possible that you may be able to apply for a start-up loan or grant with the Prince’s Trust (if under 30) or via your local Business Link or bank.

Jittabugs Head Office can assist with this process. 



You run your own Jittabugs franchise in your own territory

Offer classes from a range of programmes to children aged 0-5 years

You can offer classes in a range of settings: Nurseries, Pre-schools, Sure Start Centres and privately

You will need to market and advertise your franchise in your local area

You may employ and manage staff if you wish
You will need to source venues for the classes
You will need to manage your own accounts
Most importantly, you will have fun in a truly rewarding

job, that enables you to work around your family life 

Our Core Programs

Pre-School programs for ages 0-5 yrs

Jittabugs Sign and Play

Newborn upwards, with this programme you will receive training from the Makaton charity and be part of the Makaton Friendly Scheme

Jittabugs Baby Move & Groove

Newborn upwards, a multi-sensory movement and music programme with a difference!

Jittabugs Pre-School Move & Groove

For 2-5 years, an excellent programme for working with nurseries as well as in private venues and adheres to the EYFS guidelines

Jittabugs Ballet & Boogie

For 18 months-5 years, any tutor can run this class, as full training is given and technique is kept to a minimum for tutors with a non-dance background.
However, a more technical approach can be applied for tutors with a dance background. This class can also be run
for older children, but only by tutors with a speci c dance background


In addition we have many more programs available.

Earning Potential

The following projections are for illustrative purposes only – actual earning poten- tial is dependent on a number of factors, including the hours you want to work, the classes you wish to tutor and how much work and effort you put in, not to mention your teaching style. A fun, enthusiastic tutor will bring back customers and word of mouth is the best advertising.

How Much Can YOU Earn?

Think about:

How many hours do you want to work? How many classes do you want to teach? How much are venue costs in your area? How much can you charge per child?

Example One – Tutor A:

She teaches Baby Sign & Play classes, she teaches 6 x 1hour classes per week, she has 16 babies in each class, she charges £5.00 per baby, her room hire costs her £10.


Class income - 16 babies x£5=£80
£80x6 classes a week = £480
£480 x 4 weeks = £1920 - (£10 per hr room hire) £240= £1680 TOTAL INCOME (from 6hrs teaching)

Example Two – Tutor B:

She teaches Ballet & Boogie classes on a Thursday and Saturday – 4 x 30 minute sessions per week, she has 15 children in each class on a Thursday and 30 in each class on a Saturday (with two Saturday workers to help), creat- ing a total of 90 children per week paying £5.00 per child. Her room hire on a Thursday is £12 per hour and on a Saturday is £30 per hour.


Class Income - 90 children x £5= £450
£42 hall hire per week and £20 for Saturday helpers= £62 £450 - £62= 388

£388 x 4 weeks = £1552 TOTAL INCOME (for four half hour classes per week)

Expenditure for classes

Hall hire
Insurance after your rst year as Head of ce has covered this in year one as part of your initial fee
PPL Music Licence after your rst year as Head of ce has covered this in year one as part of your initial fee.
Management fee to Head Office
Marketing Levi
Help staff (if needed) 



If you would like to run through anymore details, please don’t hesitate to contact Caroline by email or phone on:

07841 038141 caroline@jittabugs.com